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vermont-propertyAre you on the hunt for the perfect piece of Vermont real estate? Whether it’s a cozy new home for the family or a swanky commercial space for your booming business, look no further! Our real estate wizards have been at this for over 35 years, and we’re at your service seven days a week, because your property dreams don’t punch a time clock.

Our agents are like real estate knights in shiny armor, armed with knowledge and expertise to make your move smoother than a freshly polished floor. From the first step of your search to the grand finale on closing day, we’ve got your back. Whether you’re eyeing an existing gem or planning to build your castle on a lush green land lot, you deserve the royal treatment.

In the wild world of real estate, where procedures and regulations change constantly, our professionals are your trusty guides. Avoid the pitfalls and hardships with a team that’s as reliable as your morning coffee. Because let’s face it, when it comes to property, you want someone on your side who’s as serious about success as they are about slipping in a good joke. Let’s make your real estate journey a tale of triumph and laughter!

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Embarking on the thrilling journey of home-buying? Step one: Have a delightful chat with a loan officer to get that golden pre-approval letter (because adulting is all about paperwork, right?). Now, let’s talk priorities! What’s your non-negotiable, gotta-have-it list versus the nice-to-haves? Once you’ve sorted your needs and peeked at the flexible items, voila! The perfect property hunt begins.

Identifying your top priorities while keeping your budget in check is our secret sauce. Not sure where to put down roots? No worries! Ask us about areas, browse by county or city—consider us your real estate GPS. With the right guide, you’ll be sipping coffee in your new living room in no time, even if you’re doing it site-unseen. Check out our FAQ if you’re an out-of-state shopper considering making the move to the grand green mountains.

Our stellar agents tailor the search to your desires, diligently researching pros and cons of homes and the vibe of the neighborhood. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know to confidently make that big decision. When you’re ready, your buyer specialist will set you up with a virtual or in-person interior walk-thru.

Now, Onto the Nitty-Gritty

What’s essential for your daily grind? Kids school system? A place on a bus route? Love strolling to shops? We’ve got you. Planning to work from home? Say hello to the perfect office space. Love your pets? Fenced yard, coming right up! Spill the beans on your needs, and our agents will brew up the properties that match your vibe.

Know Your Finance Options

For the inside scoop on mortgage lenders who can decode the mysteries of buying a home, check out our lender page. Because, let’s face it, adulting is easier with a little help from your friends. It’s never too early to build those relationships, and let the home-buying adventure begin!

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