Drone Certified

During winter 2016, we expanded our creative outlet by purchasing a drone for aerial photography of our real estate listings. In order to legally utilize drones for commercial use, it’s necessary to obtain a drone pilot license thru the FAA.One of our agents decided to take the captain seat. Tami spent her downtime studying, and after going thru the rigorous Federal Aviation Administration remote pilot program, she passed the test with flying colors! We regularly utilize the drone for aerial photos and video of residential, land, and commercial listings, providing a panoramic view of the neighborhood, including the magical mountain landscape of Vermont.

Call us for a free quote! We’re available for all your drone photography needs – whether it be for real estate, commercial photography, or special events/weddings! (802) 347-4114.

Our drone is the DJI Phantom 4. We started with the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet M2, and upgraded to the higher-quality model as soon as we had the confidence. We are able to connect to our Samsung Phone to view of the drone’s imagery as we’re flying. HD 1080p recording allows for high-quality video, so we can best capture the vibrancy of the green mountain landscape.
Quality images and video tours are so important in the the real estate world, especially during the current pandemic. The safety of our clients is our main concern! We wouldn’t want to bring just anyone inside your home, without them first “window-shopping” to the max extent. The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been so true! Home buyers are now shopping online prior to calling or following up with a real estate agency. Because of this, it’s important to have your property listed on a professional, wide-spread website with a variety of interior and exterior imagery. Our success in marketing has sky-rocketed since utilizing our Phantom 4. Drone images and video have quickly become the most impressive way to display a property and surrounding neighborhood. Home-buyers are able to see the full spectrum that only a birds-eye view offers. The more quality images you have, the higher your odds of getting serious buyers thru the door and to the closing table. Our YouTube channel hosts our videos, and they are premiered on the MLS and our 3rd party advertising sites for maximum exposure.