7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Agent to Sell Your Property

Less stress – The job of a real estate agent is to act as a liaison between buyers and sellers and take on the tough tasks that homeowners don’t have the time or energy to do. They shuffle thru the long list of prospects and find the gems who are pre-qualified and actually a real prospect. They also always have the right references to make sure you get to closing day with ease; whether it be your buyer’s inspector, your closing lawyer, or the piles of paperwork required. If you need to purchase a new home, they can help ensure you are not left homeless after selling; that a new home is ready for you. Moving day is a breeze when you have an agent on your side.

Realtors don’t take weekends off – It is not uncommon for a real estate professional to address phone calls, host open houses, and/or take new photos of one of their listings on the weekends. Most of the public work 9-5 jobs on the weekdays, so realtors sacrifice what are normally days of rest to show them the house of their dreams on one of their days off. They work when it is convenient to their customers.

Professionals in the industry reach a broader market than FSBO’s – Industry professionals have advertising tactics that the general public is not aware of and doesn’t have the time to dedicate. Most agents have a website with an extended network and additional outreach to the local community, as well as, numerous social media and marketing sites that they manage in order to reach as many of the world-wide buyers as possible. Believe it or not, for sale signs and newspaper ads don’t cut it in today’s market. Studies have shown that 92% of buyers use the internet in some way during their home search. And guess what? So do experienced realtors! (More Stats)

They can negotiate better than anyone else – This is their job. They spend every waking moment practicing their craft, and therefore, they can negotiate on your behalf using their level of expertise in real estate laws, regulations and the current market conditions. This can only produce winning results. In areas you may be at a disadvantage, others’ will not fail to try to swindle you. Don’t be left unaware or get yourself trapped in a deal that is not what you believed it should be.

The process is easy – A realtor will be sure you understand everything that is happening and are satisfied with the results before you sign any papers. They will ensure the entire journey is running smoothly, from the time the offer is presented to the time the lawyer hands you your check. They will take care of all phone calls, emails, inspections and advertising, thus freeing your time to focus unconditionally on your move.

Less uncertainty – There’s so much confusion and uncertainty in life. Selling your home doesn’t have to be one of them. Realtors are here to soften the situation and offer guidance, whether it be expressing their knowledge of what’s a fair price to list, what needs to be repaired or replaced, or even what type of loan your buyer would need to secure. Buyer’s are often more trusting of real estate professionals, as well, and appreciate consulting someone other than the owner directly.

Higher Profits – Recent studies show that for sale by owner properties net lower prices than homes sold thru realtors via the MLS. (Proof Here). Some sellers may want to avoid paying a commission to a professional, but that has proven to backfire on many occasions. You may avoid paying a small percentage in commission, but it’ll likely result in a longer time sitting on your property and a smaller net profit. If you want to move quickly, you’re better off hiring someone and forking over the fee for their advertising expertise.


By: Tami Lantz of Sherwood Real Estate