Our present moment in time is one of the greatest in history for purchasing the home of your dreams. Interest rates are hanging low, and mortgages for buying a home or land are attainable for a low down payment! If you have a consistent job history and decent credit score, banks may pre-qualify you, and you can soon be on your way to fulfilling your destiny.

Vermont is a desirable place to live, due to the small-town atmosphere, various mountain experiences, and plentiful lakes. Whether you want to move to a condo in a larger town, walking distance to all your necessities, or purchase a vacation sanctuary in the woods, we will help you find your way. If you desire to raise your children amongst nature and homestead values, Vermont is the land of opportunity! We have land and forests as far as the eye can see in some areas. Privacy and living at one with nature are attainable, and if you’re one of the many dreamers who are lucky enough to work remotely, you can live the lifestyle you always wanted. Rivers and streams flow thru the entire state, and mountains at every turn provide skiing, hiking, and four-wheeling, all while marveling at the panoramic views of Mother Nature’s wonders.

Why waste another moment of your life paying someone else’s mortgage, when you can have equity in your own lucrative investment? Our team will help guide you to making informed decisions during the home-buying process. No question is bothersome, we’re here to provide clarity. Our brokerage has 35 years experience, we’ve had plenty of time to learn the ropes, so we can lead you to your success story!

The average mortgage rate is still under 7%. Our savvy Realtors will utilize their many resources and work quickly to show you the widest variety of homes within your criteria available and facilitate a smart negotiating process on your behalf, thus relieving you of the responsibility and difficulty of finding an honest buying experience, so you can focus on prepping for all the other parts of your big life change.

The current seller’s market is flying fast in Vermont, with the average time on the market being almost the lowest in history! Our agents are experienced in the ability to work remotely to guide out-of-state buyers with putting in an offer site-unseen, while ensuring you have all the securities you need to purchase a home that is the quality you believe it to be. We provide photos and walk-thru videos, as well as references to amazing local home inspectors. Our brokerage has provided so many remote workers the ability to move to areas where they desire to live, rather than being confined to areas surrounding a physical office atmosphere. The option is now available to move toward a more affordable, healthy lifestyle, with confidence!

If you’re looking for an exceptional buyer specialist, contact us today to find out how to start your journey! Feel free to call or text (802) 309-5116.

One of the most valuable tools for finding your monthly payment for a specific home price is the online mortgage calculator.

Check out our list of local mortgage lenders. There are many more throughout the Green Mountain State, but this list should get you started. Make sure to call around for comparisons to ensure you get the best deal!