Selling Tips

Selling Tips

When selling your home or commercial location, there are a few essential elements that shouldn’t be ignored. Believe it or not, a few simple repairs can help create a smooth sale. First, check all plumbing fixtures around the house; even a small leak can cause damage or have a negative effect on an inspection. Make sure all your light fixtures come on, this could be as simple as putting in a new bulb. Next, ensure the roof looks to be in great condition. Replace damaged or missing shingles and add a new coat of paint in the case of a tin roof. Make sure all doors and windows are working properly, no one likes squeaky or dysfunctional doors and windows.

Happy couple choosing colors for painting house, concept of decoIf you’re serious about selling, creating a neutral environment inside and out is very important. Many buyers have a general sense of how they would like their new place to look and how the things they already own will look in the house. Painting the walls neutral colors and packing up personal photos and lingering items can increase the range of possibilities for the house. Keeping a clean, open atmosphere is key when it comes to overall presentation.

What’s Outside Matters!

Not only is it imperative for the interior of your home be up-to-par, the exterior can be just as crucial. It is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they view your home, so focusing on curb appeal is critical. We’ve compiled a list of simple maintenance that can make-or-break a sale:

  1. Gutters & downspouts

  2. Roofs

  3. Maintain laundry area

  4. Vegetation around the home

  5. Underground perimeter foundation drains & gutter system subsurface drains

  6. Cracks in Foundation

  7. Have an energy audit performed

  8. Sump Pumps

  9. Seal siding, trim, and deck areas

  10. Grading around the home

    Young builder worker at facade plastering work during industrial

Having the outside prepped and cleaned is very wise. Painting touch-ups, cleaning rain gutters, washing windows, and landscaping the yard are all points to consider. If you’re not an outdoor person, spending a few hundred dollars to boost curb appeal can help in a multitude of ways.

Ready To List?

When you’re ready to list with an agent, you are going to need a good set of pictures and a detailed description to present to the world of home buyers.  High-quality photos are crucial to providing the public with a solid grasp of what you are selling. Remember the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is of the utmost importance when selling houses. The decision to purchase a new home is normally one of the most significant of an individual’s life, and most potential buyers will want to see clear visuals before committing to what could be a long journey to view the property in person. The description should contain all your selling points, which will include everything from overall size to number of rooms and what they’re used for. Any special features should be included; these will separate you from the plethora of houses on the market. Anything that makes your property shine should be highlighted in both your description and your photos. If you include all these element, you have a high likelihood of attracting the right person and moving forward with your life goals. 


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