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2891 Rt 105 Hwy. Berkshire, VT 05450

$299,900 — 7648 SqFt — MLS #4663038

This historic building, built over 100 years ago, carries with it the memories of many thriving local businesses. Mom-and-pop shops, art studios, and antique stores are among the inhabitants of past and present. Space for storefronts and workshops, in addition to, three 2-bedroom apartments upstairs. Contact us to start your new business venture!

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12-15 Memorial Dr. Richford, VT 05476

$219,900 — 7.2 Acres Commercial Lot — MLS #4661554

Great industrial park for sale. 7. 2 acres land in the country, located near the 105 highway. Nice paved road, accessible for large trucks and tractor trailers. Perfect spot to grow your business. Land is surveyed and has water, sewer, and power on site. Lot can be bought as one unit, or as separate subdivisions. Permits in place for subdivisions.

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pink-lady-full66 Main St. Richford, VT 05476

$259,900 — The Pink Lady Victorian mansion is a one-of-the-kind 21 room, 6 bath building with 3-floor sprinkler system. This abundant property is currently the home of a spectacular antique shop, and contains a 50-year collection of vintage artifacts. For interested entrepreneurs, the business is being sold along with the building for the low price of $499,900.

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15-memorial311 Route 105 Hwy Richford, VT 05476

$649,900 — With this 13.5 acre piece of land, you’ll gain enormous potential. The remaining land is 7 improved building lots, ranging from .67 acre to 7.1 acres. This lush property is available by whole project or as individual lots.







328 S. Main St. Richford, VT 05476

$725,000 — Excellent opportunity to grow your business by moving to this 10,000 sqft plaza! Located in a beautiful, and accessible, location right off the well-traveled 105 highway  on 9.5 acres on the river. This masonry building has been exceptionally well-maintained and has had multiple additions throughout it’s lifetime, one in 1985 and a second in 2002. Large parking lot and 100% solar electric energy. The best way to save on your electric bill is to harness the energy of our environment, which this building does with it’s 132 solar panels on the roof that produce 28.842 kW.

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